Dream of a world where people are free, where people can live their life to the fullest. Things made by man should be universally designed for all human beingsDisability can not be barrier that prevents to live to the fullest!!

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The Ultimate

Multifunction Equipment For Weightlifting

INVENTOR: Alberto Favro


it’s a unique projectit revolutionizes the concept of weightlifting, it’s ambitiousfull of innovation and technologyWhy?? Because allows you to create the perfect training program without weights to handle. 

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_03

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_16

One or more electric motorsdedicated control unit in sinergy with high rigidity frame and low friction coefficient transmission, permit to generate  variable loads in time and not only constants during  the same exercises!!!

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_10


AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_09

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_15You can control any parameters directly with your smartphone using wireless connection. You can create and modify all your training programs with the dedicated mobile appThe integrated technology with the fastest sensors availables assist you during the exercises.

 AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_09AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_14It can be used in passive mode (classic weightslifting) or active mode (for rehabilitation). It’s 100% ready for disabled and without weights to handle it’s 100% ready to be used in space environment!!

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_13

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_11

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_12

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_17




AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_05

AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_06AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_07AF Hybrid Bench Press 25 Maggio 2014 WORKINGCAPITAL-TELECOMITALIA_Page_08





The Ultimate 

Multifunction Sport Human Hybrid Powered Boat Category


INVENTOR: Alberto Favro





Coming Soon



Prototype Status

Day Hours Worked
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Our Top Priorities

  • 100% Green

  • 100% Customizable

  • 100% Human powered boat

  • 100% Hybrid powered boat

  • 100% Electric powered boat

  • 100% Ready for disabled (optional)

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Profile Picture

Alberto Favro
Alberto FavroAF-code Administrator

……the light of truth shines only in concrete actions, not words..

Who Am I ?

20 years dedicated to an intense sporting life, graduated in aerospace engineering, married and closed to become father for the second time.

Passionate about technology, inclined to new ideas and collaborations, dreamer.

Things created by man should facilitate and simplify their daily lives. Many things already do it, too many others restrict it.

I would like to create objects that can be used by any person regardless of his level of disability and / or physical form. This means creating new and improving existing ones. Fusing together Dreams, Ideas, Design, Style and Ethics arise Universal Design Principles.

AF-code it’s just the beginning.

Hybrid Bench Press and Mushyca are the first projects.


  • Dreames and Ideals
  • Constantly Looking For New Things
  • Desire To Improve
  • Loving Technology
  • Loving Family
  • Loving People